Rest API Application – ASP.NET MVC

Rest API Application – ASP.NET WEB API is a framework that allows you to build an HTTP service. This service can be accessed online using HTTP requests. API’s can include all possible method that exposed data from a database. Like INSERT, SELECT, DELETE and UPDATE. And because API is an HTTP service its method is accessible using a URL.

Let’s take a look at a simple example below on the actual way on how the API is created and behave in .NET framework.

Let’s Start: – Rest API Application

Step 1. Open your visual studio and go to File->New->Project. A New  Project dialog window will open.

Rest API Application

Create new Project

Step 2. From the left pane of New Project window select Templates->Visual C# -> Web. Then from the middle pane select ASP.NET Web Application. And name your application, in my case I name it as SampleAPI. Click “OK” if you’re done.

Rest API Application

New Project

Rest API Application

Step 3. Select a template. To make it simple we will use Web API with default MVC template. Choose Web API template and check MVC and Web API from checkbox right below you’re template option. See the image below.

Rest API Application


Because we are using MVC template for this project your start page will look like a standard ASP.NET MVC Web Application. But we are not really after the view in this project. Method inside API’s is access directly using a URL. See image below.

Rest API Application

Start View

The image below is the default Folder structure created in MVC Framework.

Rest API Application

Folder Structure


Step 4. Now, after you have created a Web API project navigate to your solution explorer and open HomeController inside Controller folder. As I discussed from my previous blogs about MVC, HomeController is the default controller of MVC template in ASP.NET Web Application.

Rest API Application


Step 5. For simplicity and better understanding of this article we will create a simple method that will return name input by a user.

Ex. John => Hello John 

I name the method HelloWorld() but instead of returning Hello world we will return Hello + the name input by the user. See image below for the code.

Rest API Application

Hello World

Step 6. To access the method we just created run your project using f5 command for debugging mode.  And use the URL shown in the image below to access the method.

  • URL format localhost:port#/ControllerName/MethodName?Parameter=value.
  • Value => Supplied in the client side application

If the user input Regie as the name parameter the output would be Hello Regie

  • localhost:41480/Home/HelloWorld?name=Regie


Rest API Application


Rest API Application

This might be a simple example but this will help you start your own WEB API Project. You can create additional method like connecting to your database and return a set of list or Update data from your database. This is all possible if you just know the concept of API’s.

To consume this API using ASP.NET MVC visit this thread Consume Web API using ASP.NET MVC

Thank you for reading. Happy Coding!!

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