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Create your first ASP.NET MVC Web Application

In this article, I will show you an example of how to create ASP.NET MVC Application. For those who are struggling with how to start a simple ASP.NET Project, let me guide you throughout the process.

Before we start we need an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to run our project.

You can download Visual Studio 2013 from this  https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/

Note:   I’m using visual studio 2013 with MVC 5.2.

If you have already installed Visual Studio on your machine we can proceed with the steps to start a project.

Let’s Start:

Begin with opening visual studio Development Environment. There are two options in starting a new project you can start from the file menu located at the top navigation bar as shown below.

Web Application
Visual Studio Developement Environtment

Or you can select New Project link from the start page of Visual Studio development environment refer to the image shown below.

Web Application
Start Page link

After that, expand Visual C# node on the left pane and navigate to Web option. Then search for ASP.NET Web Application on the middle pane. Name it as MVC-SimpleApp. You can also name your apps to whatever you prefer. If you want to use a different directory of your project, use the browse button right below your project name. If your done click OK to proceed to the next steps. Use the image below for your guide.

Web Application
Project Options

From the New ASP.NET project dialog select template for your project Choose MVC as shown below.

Web Application
Project Template

You have also an option to change authentication for your application. It is set to Individual User Accounts by default but we‘re going to use No Authentication for this example.  The image below is set to its default value change it to No Authentication.

Web Application

The application will go idle for some time. Wait for Visual Studio to load necessary files needed for your project.

To run the project press f5 to run in debugging mode or Ctrl + f5 to run without debugging mode

Web Application
Website Preview

ASP.NET MVC Application includes bootstrap CSS and JavaScript by default, so your site is already responsive. Below is the image of the website view in a small screen.

Web Application
Mobile View

From this moment you can start your first ASP.NET MVC Project.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy Coding!!

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