How: Adding Entity Framework Reference using NuGet

If you have already added Entity Framework you might want to check this thread ASP.NET MVC using EF for actual using of Entity framework in your code. If this is your first time you can continue reading steps below on Adding Entity Framework.

Let’s Start: – Adding Entity Framework Reference

1. Open NuGet Package Manager to add EntityFramework. Go to Tools->NuGet Package Manager ->Manage NuGet Packages for Solution. 

Adding Entity Framework

2. Search for EntityFramework and click install button.

Adding Entity Framework

Search For EntityFramework

3. Wait for NuGet Package Manager to install EntityFramework.

Adding Entity Framework

4. The image below is the view of Entity Framework after it is already installed.

Adding Entity Framework

5. To check if EntityFramework is successfully added to your project go to your solution explorer and under your reference EntityFramework should be found.

Adding Entity Framework

Project Reference

Entity Framework

You have successfully added Entity Framework to your project. You can now use it in your ASP.NET MVC Web Application.


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