How to create custom 404 error handler in ASP.NET MVC

Custom 404 error handler – 404 Error refer to a not found resource/URL . Here’s how a default 404 Error notification looks in ASP.NET MVC. ASP.NET MVC has his own custom error handler that can be enable inside Web.Config file from your solution explorer. Let’s Start: First, to enable error redirection modify your Web.Config file.Search for <system.web> in your Web.Config

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How to use WebClient in C# (System.Net.WebClient)

Using System.Net.WebClient class in consuming Web API. System.Net.WebClient – The easiest way to download and upload data from and to a Web API is using Web Client. Here’s a few codes  to implement Web Client in 4 different method. using System.Net; Method: GET

Method: POST

Method: DELETE

Method: PUT


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AngularJS CRUD Operation using ASP.NET MVC

I am a .NET Developer and I’m new in AngularJS. I started using AngularJS in about a week ago and I decided to create a full AngularJS CRUD Operation using ASP.NET MVC. This article will show you how I created a project with CRUD functionality using AngularJS. For an overview of AngularJS, you can visit  AngularJS introduction from this site

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Creating ASP.NET Web Service

ASP.NET Web Service – Web service is a software that is used to exchange XML-based information that uses the internet to interact with any other application called its client. This software provides a modular method that could be used by multiple applications through the web. For detailed information about Web Service visit this thread on WIKIPEDIA See tutorial below on

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Restful Web Services Tutorial with ASP.NET MVC

Restful Web Services Tutorial – From my previous Article on how to Create Web API in ASP.NET. We have created an API method that will return Hello + the name input by the user. Now in this article let’s consume that API using a client Application. Let’s start: – Restful Web Services Tutorial 1. Create a new ASP.NET MVC Web Application

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Rest API Application – ASP.NET MVC

Rest API Application – ASP.NET WEB API is a framework that allows you to build an HTTP service. This service can be accessed online using HTTP requests. API’s can include all possible method that exposed data from a database. Like INSERT, SELECT, DELETE and UPDATE. And because API is an HTTP service its method is accessible using a URL. Let’s take a look at a simple example below

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ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework:Code First Approach

ASP.NET MVC Entity framework code first approach allows you to create classes and use entity framework to generate your Table base on your design class. It has similarity with the model first approach, however it does not generate edmx file. To determine their differences visit this blog  Entity Framework Model first approach for the actual process on how the database is generated in this approach. To proceed with

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How: Adding Entity Framework Reference using NuGet

If you have already added Entity Framework you might want to check this thread ASP.NET MVC using EF for actual using of Entity framework in your code. If this is your first time you can continue reading steps below on Adding Entity Framework. Let’s Start: – Adding Entity Framework Reference 1. Open NuGet Package Manager to add EntityFramework. Go to Tools->NuGet Package Manager

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ASP.NET Entity Framework: Model First Approach (MVC)

Model first Approach is ASP.NET Entity framework functionality which creates a new model using entity framework designer and generate database schema from the model design. This is all found in EDMX(.edmx extension) file. To fully understand how this entity framework approach work. I have created a simple tutorial on how to execute Model First Approach.      Note:  I’m using

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