How to create custom 404 error handler in ASP.NET MVC

Custom 404 error handler – 404 Error refer to a not found resource/URL . Here’s how a default 404 Error notification looks in ASP.NET MVC. ASP.NET MVC has his own custom error handler that can be enable inside Web.Config file from your solution explorer. Let’s Start: First, to enable error redirection modify your Web.Config file.Search for <system.web> in your Web.Config

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How to use WebClient in C# (System.Net.WebClient)

Using System.Net.WebClient class in consuming Web API. System.Net.WebClient – The easiest way to download and upload data from and to a Web API is using Web Client. Here’s a few codes  to implement Web Client in 4 different method. using System.Net; Method: GET

Method: POST

Method: DELETE

Method: PUT


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SignalR Chat Application with ASP.NET MVC

SignalR Chat App With ASP.NET – This article will show you an actual application using SignalR in ASP.NET MVC. The main goal for this project is to have an idea of how we can use SignalR in a real-time web application. As stated on this site “ASP.NET SignalR is a library for ASP.NET developers that makes developing real-time web

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Reporting-Creating ReportViewer Report

Reporting 1. Reporting – Create a new windows application project in your visual studio 2013 then add report viewer to your project. 2. Dock report viewer to your form. 3. Add Dataset to your project by simply right clicking on your project name and selecting Add-New Item 4. Select data from the left pane and search for Dataset from the

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LinQ Tutorial on DataTable – C#

LinQ Tutorial – This LINQ tutorial will show you some basic codes on implementing LINQ in C#.LINQ is an acronym for Language Integrated Query, which is descriptive for where it’s used and what it does. The Language Integrated part means that LINQ is part of programming language syntax. To have an overall view of the definition of LINQ please refer to this site

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How: Adding Entity Framework Reference using NuGet

If you have already added Entity Framework you might want to check this thread ASP.NET MVC using EF for actual using of Entity framework in your code. If this is your first time you can continue reading steps below on Adding Entity Framework. Let’s Start: – Adding Entity Framework Reference 1. Open NuGet Package Manager to add EntityFramework. Go to Tools->NuGet Package Manager

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Import Excel to Datagridview – C#

Import Excel – This project is intended to read excel using Microsoft.Office.interop.Excel namespace.There are a lot of ways to read an excel file in C# but for beginners like me this might be a help. Below is a simple way on how to read and import data in DataGridView. Let’s Start: Create a new project by going to File->New->Project From New Project

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ASP.NET MVC File Architecture

ASP.NET Web application is created with the MVC template and is auto generated by the Development Environment of Visual studio. Unlike any other framework MVC has very strict guidelines about where to place different elements like a Model should be in the Model Folder, the controller must be in the controller folder, View must be in the View folder and there’s more to it than

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Basic ASP.NET MVC Web Application Implementation

What is MVC? Model View Controller (MVC) is a framework, a Programming architecture where you designed your code in 3 different modules. Model, it is where all your logical properties or data are declared. View, it is where you designed or creates your Client user interface and lastly Controller, it is where you process data and connect model to view.

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Image to Base64 Encoding in C#

Transmitting images through the network or through API’s and Web service in programming is a little bit tricky. And the best way to do it is to convert images into a string or to be significant convert it into ASCII code which is commonly understood by most of the computer system. On this page we are going to use Base64 encoding to

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