AngularJS with Asp.Net MVC


What is Angular? AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that extends HTML attribute to help develop a dynamic Web application. AngularJS with Asp.Net MVC Definition of Angular JS from its Official Page: AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML’s syntax … Read more AngularJS with Asp.Net MVC

ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework:Code First Approach

Populate HTML Table using JQUERY

ASP.NET MVC Entity framework code first approach allows you to create classes and use entity framework to generate your Table base on your design class. It has similarity with the model first approach, however it does not generate edmx file. To determine their differences visit this blog  Entity Framework Model first approach for the actual process on how the database is generated in … Read more ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework:Code First Approach

ASP.NET Entity Framework: Model First Approach (MVC)

Model first Approach is ASP.NET Entity framework functionality which creates a new model using entity framework designer and generate database schema from the model design. This is all found in EDMX(.edmx extension) file. To fully understand how this entity framework approach work. I have created a simple tutorial on how to execute Model First Approach. … Read more ASP.NET Entity Framework: Model First Approach (MVC)

How to Host ASP.NET on Windows with IIS

Internet Information Services (IIS) are used to host ASP.Net Web application to either show your development progress or for a test run of your websites. Or if you are a freelancer and want to show your sites to your customer, IIS might be your best and easiest way. For beginners like me, I write this article to share how … Read more How to Host ASP.NET on Windows with IIS

ASP.NET MVC File Architecture

Solution Explorer

ASP.NET Web application is created with the MVC template and is auto-generated using Visual studio. The default folder structure of this framework has specified places where you can place your code classes. Model, View, and Controller – Advantage The advantage of the MVC framework is it organizes your code structure. It will divide your project into … Read more ASP.NET MVC File Architecture

Create your first ASP.NET MVC Web Application

Web Application

In this article, I will show you an example of how to create ASP.NET MVC Application. For those who are struggling with how to start a simple ASP.NET Project, let me guide you throughout the process. Before we start we need an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to run our project. You can download Visual Studio … Read more Create your first ASP.NET MVC Web Application

Create Asp.Net MVC Application

In this tutorial, we will create a new MVC Application using Visual Studio and understand the basic building blocks of this .Net framework. Download the latest version of Visual Studio from What is MVC? Model View Controller (MVC) is a framework, a Programming architecture where you designed your code in 3 different modules. Model … Read more Create Asp.Net MVC Application