GET and POST Request using HttpClient(C#)

GET and POST Request using HttpClient

GET and POST Request using HttpClient – Requesting data is one of the most common things in client projects. That include GET request to get specific data from server and post request to insert data into the server. There are two ways to implement this request it can be done using WebClient or HttpClient.

But this post is to show you how to use HttpClient for GET and POST Http request in C#. This will show you how simple it is to implement an Http request using HTTPClient.

HttpClient can be added using NugetPackage Manager(System.Net.Http).

GET using HTTPClient

This is how to implement GET request:

That is how simple it is to perform GET request.

POST using HttpClient

As you can see it is very similar to GET. You will also notice that we just added PostAsync and parameter to execute Post request.

HttpClient reference can be added using Nuget Package Manager of Visual Studio. And easily implemented using C#.

HttpClient: Happy Coding!