Apache Installation on Windows(Apache 2.4, PHP7)

For Web Developers, one of the requirements for testing web application is having a web server. Apache is one the popular Web Server used for most Web Server. The Apache HTTP server is an open-source Web server application developed by the Apache Software Foundation. The server software is freely distributed, and the open source license means … Read more Apache Installation on Windows(Apache 2.4, PHP7)

PHP Triple Des Encryption

Working with the back-end APIs would require you to apply additional security layers such as Data Encryption. This is to ensure a secured handshake to every client application that will consume it. One of the common problems is, how are you going to translate encryption to a different language such as C# to Php. I … Read more PHP Triple Des Encryption

Build a Simple REST API in PHP

Restful Web Services

API in Programming Overview:           Application program interface (API) is a set of instructions, protocols, or implementation that is created to be accessible in a client-side application. It is also used for securely transmitting data when it comes to the database application. It Controls data flow and limits client-side applications to have full control of the main … Read more Build a Simple REST API in PHP