How to use WebClient in C# (System.Net.WebClient)

Using System.Net.WebClient class in consuming Web API. System.Net.WebClient – The easiest way to download and upload data from and to a Web API is using Web Client. Here’s a few codes  to implement Web Client in 4 different method. using System.Net; Method: GET

Method: POST

Method: DELETE

Method: PUT


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Restful Web Services C# – ASP.NET Web API

ASP.NET Web API – In my previous blog ASP.NET Web Application using MVC I have created a simple project that explains how to create Restful Web Services(WEB API) using MVC default route. By this time I will create another project that will show you how to create ASP.NET API using API Controller class. This is the standard flow on creating

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Restful Web Services Tutorial with ASP.NET MVC

Restful Web Services Tutorial – From my previous Article on how to Create Web API in ASP.NET. We have created an API method that will return Hello + the name input by the user. Now in this article let’s consume that API using a client Application. Let’s start: – Restful Web Services Tutorial 1. Create a new ASP.NET MVC Web Application

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Rest API Application – ASP.NET MVC

Rest API Application – ASP.NET WEB API is a framework that allows you to build an HTTP service. This service can be accessed online using HTTP requests. API’s can include all possible method that exposed data from a database. Like INSERT, SELECT, DELETE and UPDATE. And because API is an HTTP service its method is accessible using a URL. Let’s take a look at a simple example below

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Basic PHP Restful Web Services Implementation(Web API)

API in Programming Overview:           Application program interface (API) is a set of Instructions, protocol, or implementation that is created to be accessible in client side application. It is also used for securely transmitting of data when it comes to the database application. It Controls data flow and limit client side application to have a full control of the main data. A

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